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short term loans in south africa

Have you ever been in a situation where you need emergency cash but you only get paid towards the end of the month? For example, your car needs a tire, or there is an emergency and you need to book a flight. It could be anything that requires immediate cash and can’t wait until payday. If you don’t have a credit card it will be hard to get your hands on that money. It may be too much to ask from your friends as they have their own financial obligations and you don’t want to bother them.

We are a loan broker this means we look for companies in South Africa that offer different types of loans and connect them with people looking for loans.

In this post we will list companies that offer payday loans, these are short term loans that you pay back on your next pay day. We will share their fees and how much you can borrow from each lender.

Top Short term loan providers:

Southern Finance
Amount: R500 up to R4000
Example: R4000 over 16 days, repayment is R4807.59

Amount: R500 up to R4000
Example: R4000 over 16 days, repayment is R4807.59

Amount: R300 up to R5400
Example: If you take R4000 over 16 days, you pay R4629.95

Amount: R500 up to R4000 for new customers and R8000 for return customers with an option to pay over 3-6 months.
Example: If you get R4000 over 16 days you repay R4690.82

Mpowa Finance
Amount: up to R5000 depending on affordability

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Amount: Up to R4000
Example: If you borrow R4000 for 16 days you will pay back R4693.12

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What you need to apply:

  1. You need to earn more than R3000 a month.
  2. South African ID number
  3. Cell Phone number
  4. 3 months payslip or bank statements

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Advantages of payday loans:

  1. A quick and paperless application process
  2. No queues
  3. You get cash deposited into your account within 24 hours
  4. Get debited from your account on payday, therefore, its not long term debt

Be careful not to rely on payday loans; they are a solution for emergency situations and not something you should depend on each month.

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